Visual identity of PeterConnects

JDM Software

When JDM Software first started, it was very much about IP telephones, now it’s about personal computers, mobile devices and social media and more then often a combination of all of them. The way people communicate today has very much changed and so did their products and the people who are using them. JDM needed a new visual identity that fits their new way of communicating. “Enabling Meaningful Connections” is at the heart of everything JDM Software does, and that starts with the PeterConnects product family. The visual identity is very basic, simple, stylish, but also connects in a certain way.

The soundwave

Part of the identity is the soundwave. A unique visualization of connecting. Highly personal. Dynamic. And ever changing. These properties make our heart tick.

The logo

The logotype is based on this authentic connection, from the beginning till the very end. From the first dot, till the last dot. However, the connection with the client will never end.

The gradient

PeterConnects is brave enough to blend all the colors into one iconic gradient. The blend is what we’re using most, next to two colors of the past: JDM Hot Orange, and JDM Bright Blue.


We thought about our target audience, and came with very basic, simple, and stylish solutions. A minimalistic interface will let the content shine, and makes navigating through the website a drama free experience.