Bont voor Dieren


Bont voor Dieren



They always grab attention: missing posters of animals. Everyone hopes that a lost cat or dog will be quickly and safely found. During the killing season in November, millions of fur-bearing animals worldwide become 'Furmist'. For these animals, there is no hope at all. They dangle a few months later around someone's neck as a fur collar, adorn as decoration on a hat, or made into a bag. Found!


To raise awareness about the inhumane fur industry, the Furmist campaign was spread across the country. Compelling posters with AI generated animals hang in 78 high schools and 3500 posters were displayed as OOH on the streets in big cities.

Each QR code reveals the cruel truth behind the missing animals.

When scanning the QR code on each poster you will be redirected to a page with more information about what truly happened. Bella the fox became a fur collar. And it happens abundantly. Therefore, informing consumers about the cruel fur industry remains crucial.

We made even more impact thanks to the help of activist influencers.

Together with the help of influencers we asked young adults to help find Bram, Chico, Lotje, Bella, and Pip. And it worked! Many people ordered the Furmist poster and displayed it on their windows. Together, we can put a stop to the fur industry.

The campaign made impact and was visible all across The Netherlands.


The campaign reached 110K people on social media. The content was shared 700X and engaged with 6500X.


Posters sold
The Furmist poster has been distributed to 5000 donors and sold to 300 people who displayed it in their windows.