How To Girl

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Prime Video



Creative Team

Ayla Spaans
Lili Bos
Glenn Da Silva



We brought a group of diverse and inspiring influencers together to talk about the issues that teenage girls face. Our goal was to open up a conversation.

Inspired by the themes of The Wilds, and curated for our target audience, How To Girl is a digital ‘retreat’ from the stresses of being an teenage girl.

To promote the new Amazon Original series The Wilds for the Dutch market, we decided to talk about How To Girl. The panels we created within the episodes can be seen as a survival guide for coming of age. The irony and conclusion being that there is not one right way to do this, but that every woman’s experience is different.

Together with Sagid Carter, Sophie Ousri, Quinsding, Sterre Koning, Zoë Love Smith, Marije Zuurveld and Sonia Eijken we gave these different experiences the stage. We want girls to be inspired and hopefully feel less alone in facing these issues.