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The Indonesian War of Independence is a painful and unspoken chapter of Dutch history that has rarely found its way to the screen. De Oost is the first film of its kind, telling an untold story based on true events that touched the lives of millions of Dutch people.

Two million people have a connection to Indonesia in the Netherlands nowadays, and a large part of that group directly with the War of Independence.

Our campaign is aimed at inspiring people to (re)connect with their past and bring out their own side of the story connected to De Oost. In this way, we allow our audience to view this topic from a different angle, with newly gathered knowledge based on insights and stories from many perspectives. We created a campaign that represents diverse views on

the Indonesian War, and tell stories about families that were created and separated, about hopes and unmet expectations, about dark days and bright future. Together we reflect on what happened, acknowledge the mistakes made and move forward as one, strong, united diverse nation. We understand the importance of representing all sides.

Four personal stories

Together with famous Dutch actors with their own links to Indonesia, we created four short films in which they all share a personal story about the impact this was has had on them. Watch them below.

Challenge your view with bold thought starters

We shared the most controversial opinions about Dutch East Indies on social using polls to provoke a conversation among the audience.  This way, we showed that every (Instagram) story has two sides.

Through the eyes of influencers, Dutch celebrities and you

We asked Dutch influencers and actors with an Indonesian background to share their view on the topic. All challenges provide us with an opportunity for learning, and it is true that growth and personal development usually happen outside our comfort zone.

The campaign left its mark and gave everyone the opportunity to learn, engage and discuss.


The campaign itself reached more than 200 million impressions. The campaign gave people the opportunity to share their narrative and hear truths.


People Engaging
We kicked off the conversation with famous Dutch people and influencers which resulted in lots of engagement in the online conversation.

What is your view on the east?