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Vegetables are often portrayed negatively in most popular video games, with meat providing greater health benefits or bonuses compared to vegetables. How can we rectify this unjust and irrational imbalance in games to better reflect the reality of healthy nutrition? Together with Knorr we launched a worldwide campaign called #ModTheVeg, putting veggie equality on the radar of gamers.

Tapping into modding culture

By collaborating with the best modders around the world we created modifications for well-known games that enhance the significance of vegetables. These mods not only level the playing field between vegetables and other food choices but also provide players with an enjoyable gaming experience.

We’re making veggies the ultimate power-up

Knorr supercharges veggies in the real world. So now we’re going to do it in the virtual world too. Making virtual veggies just as powerful, fun and rewarding as the real deal.

Fight along with Ninja for in-game food equality

To enhance the campaign’s reach, we partnered with Ninja, the largest global streamer, and collaborated with numerous local Twitch influencers in different countries. This collaboration resulted in significant impact, reaching a worldwide audience.

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Sign the petition to power up video game veggies

The campaign encourages developers to craft in-game modifications, or mods, that offer increased points for vegetables. Gamers are invited to participate in a ballot, urging gaming publishers to reconsider their games and scoring systems, aligning them more accurately with the undervalued status of vegetables compared to other food types in reality.

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