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There are more LGBTQ+ characters on television than ever before. A total 10.2% of regular characters in the 2019-2020 broadcast television season are reported to be LGBTQ+. That's up from 8.8% the prior season. But, there is still much work to do.

— CNN Entertainment

TV and film are powerful tools for social change. Time to amplify underrepresented voices through storytelling.

At Prime Video we think diversity, inclusivity and representation is important because it helps in the fight for equality. With ‘Watch Me’ we help people understand why this is important. During Pride, we launched our first series of interviews in which 3 influencers from the LGBTQIA+ community spoke about on-screen representation.

We asked Andrew Sylveste, Loiza Lamers and Mandy Woelkens questions about why and how their community should be represented and which films/series do it right, and which do not (stereotyping). All of this not in order to push Prime Video’s own films, but to give people a chance to be educated and make a positive impact.

As expected, emojis were flooding the comment section.

There were a lot of positive reactions on social. These comments are important because they help create a more inclusive and accepting society for individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. These comments also help to break down stereotypes and discrimination, leading to greater understanding and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community.

Being transparent towards our fans about the numbers and facts.

To keep the conversation about LGBTQ+ representation going we shared the most interesting numbers from the GLAAD Research with our followers, combined with engaging polls and stories.

We made real impact by telling stories and raise awareness.


On Instagram and Facebook we have reached 3.5mln people with our own videos, with a frequency of 4.3.


14mln people saw the posts multiple times, and the sentiment overall was very supportive.

Alleen als we elkaar zien voor wie we zijn, hebben we geen labels meer nodig.

— Mandy Woelkens, Hoofdredacteur Linda Meiden