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The Invaders


The Invaders



Samsung Game Crafters empowers gamers with tools and expertise to excel. The show unites creators across disciplines, documenting their creative process with hosts and experts. Each episode features a prominent figure guiding tasks. Samsung provides viewers with resources to engage and elevate Dutch gaming culture.

Level up your creative skills

Four well-known gamers demonstrate how to turn gaming into a true craft.
They challenge three crafters to showcase their skills within their game. From a fashionable Sims outfit to a moving Fortnite skin, with the right tools and tricks,
they are ready for the challenge.

Game Crafters Unite!

In each episode, gamers are empowered to express their digital creativity in ways that previously seemed impossible. We follow their collective creative journey from start to end product.

Masterclasses by Egbert in creative gaming

Egbert's gateway videos offer an expert introduction to various aspects of game creation, providing examples and essential knowledge. Viewers are directed to SEO landing pages for tailored learning, categorized into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. These videos serve as a kickstart before diving into game creation, with Egbert personally ensuring their authenticity through editing and approach.

Kickstart your gameplay

In-depth articles enhance the instructional videos, providing inspiration and detailed information on using Samsung products and technology featured in the episodes. Episode 1 demonstrates 3D scanning with a Galaxy device, while episode 2 explores in-game fashion, each paired with articles offering additional insights and creative opportunities with Samsung devices.